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Educational workshops and school trips for kindergarten, primary and middle schools

Educational workshops and school trips for kindergarten, primary and middle schools

Innovative ideas for educational travel and school trips for Nursery, Primary, Middle and High School

The educational workshops and all the activities for the School Trips are designed for both schools and families, based on a dynamic approach that allows you to deal with complex topics and make them simple and clear.

Laboratory of the Small Paleontologist
Laboratory of the Small Paleontologist

School trips and educational workshops are, by specialized operators, adapted for schools of every order and degree, from primary school to elementary and middle schools.

The didactic activity is studied and tested to take place in a complete way during school trips and educational trips, in a day you can make both the educational workshop that complementary activities, such as: excursions to the
Giara Park
and visits to museums.

The workshop activity allows children to interact with the exhibits and the contents of the museums, not as passive observers but as real protagonists of the educational path.

Simulation of excavation at the Geosito
Simulation of excavation at the Geosito

Both museums, where the educational workshops are held, can be reached by bus and other means of transport. We usually suggest that schools who have booked a trip contact us on arrival to be guided to the museum car park.

What are the educational workshops scheduled

The educational workshops planned for 2020/21 are as follows:

Distance learning workshops
PARC museum educational paths for schools and families, virtual.

We propose for schools a complete educational path with the help of a video guided tour of the museum and various games to reinforce the learning of the topics covered. In addition, for the real little paleontologists we offer a proposal complete with everything you need to make the educational laboratory of the little paleontologist.

Educational workshop for families: the educational activity can also be carried out at home. In addition, several children can do the workshop together, for example at a birthday party, or each at their own home.

Materials for the PaleoLab online teaching lab:

  • Video tour and museum guide
  • Teaching materials and games
  • Small paleontologist’s kit for each child
  • Telephone or chat assistance during the workshop (about 2h)
  • Content available on the various platforms for distance learning
  • PaleoLab, educational laboratory on paleontology, the work of the paleontologist and fossils . The paleontology workshops are held at PARC, where in addition to admiring the collection of Miocene fossils, you can simulate the work of a paleontologist and discover all its secrets. Schoolchildren and young visitors discover the geology of Sardinia and learn interesting facts about tectonics and fossilization, all the while touching materials and tools suitable for working on fossils. They learn about fossil cleaning, preservation and conservation through games, hammers, glues, chisels and a real micro-chisel.
  • ArcheoLab, training course on nuragic archaeology. The archaeology workshop takes its cue from the archaeological section of PARC, where, after talking about the nuragic well of Santu Antine of the depth of 39 m and the finds found there, the workshop starts. In this large section the children discover lost wax casting but above all, inspired by the images of the many small bronzes found in Sardinia, they work on plastic and modelling materials to create their own copies of bronzes.
    Thanks to the visors and the touch screen it is possible to simulate the visit to the well and fly over the museum and the hill of Santu Antine.
  • CartaCiclo, an educational activity dedicated to paper recycling. Activity particularly suitable for kindergarten. One of the educational workshops dedicated to recycling, particularly paper recycling. The training course deals with the different moments that lead to the creation of a sheet of recycled paper. The work concludes with the production of a small personalized notebook.
    Children and teens learn how paper can be recycled, how important it is to do so, and most importantly, how simple it is. The paper workshop is a way to get in touch with recycling, with its potential through play and creativity.

    The workshop can be carried out in one day but it is also possible to organise a more articulated course of several meetings like the one carried out with the Istituto comprensivo di Laconi – See the project

  • RiciclOlèOlè, educational workshop on differentiated waste collection. Activity suitable for kindergarten. The workshop on recycling deals with the topic of separate waste collection through the game, the children divided into teams must complete eco-tasks in order to win the race and especially win the battle against bad waste management. With the help of a variety of materials we can create a pleasant discourse to understand why recycling is necessary. The route is suitable for different age groups with different levels of difficulty.
    Often the workshop is combined with the CartaCiclo, with no surcharge.
  • Environmental education, aimed at discovering biodiversity. The Giara Park is transformed into an open-air classroom where you can learn about nature through scents, touch and play. The wide spaces and the impressive biodiversity of the Giara welcome us and offer all the necessary tools to talk about nature, animals, plants and nature conservation. An original team treasure hunt helps kids recognize and memorize plants and rocks.

    Moreover, if you are lucky there is the possibility to find and admire the little horses of the Giara.

    One of the fun and educational novelties of recent years: the treasure hunt in the Park!

  • Two or three day school camp! See some examples and similar proposals
Educational workshop on recycling
Educational workshop on recycling at the museum

The educational proposals are designed for schools in Sardinia of all levels:

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • University

Moreover, all the educational workshops are an integral part of the museums’ life, they are active all year round and on every occasion, not only for schools but also for families. For families we have designed special formulas, where you can save money and spend an entire day with your children while studying and having fun.

Educational workshops are carried out for fossils, archaeology and palaeontology at PARC, a museum equipped with a large teaching laboratory. The teaching room can be adapted to different needs and allows for the implementation of different educational projects. The facility is equipped with the necessary equipment to organize and manage activities with over 50 children. Among the different tools used for activities with schools we can list:

  • highly professional scientific microscopes
  • micro-chisel and vibro-engraver to simulate fossil cleaning
  • hammers and chisels for every child
  • protective gloves and goggles for each child
  • shovels and sieves to simulate the work of an archaeologist for each child
  • …and so much more!

The didactic laboratories on recycling and environmental education take place at the
Civic Museum of the Giara Horse
, a museum structure smaller than PARC, but very suggestive, also equipped with the educational laboratory with the supports for a guided tour suitable for children.

If you prefer open spaces, the Giara di Gesturi or the museum park allow you to live educational experiences among the cork oaks of the plateau or at the foot of the hill of Santu Antine.

School trip to the Giara Park
School trip to the Giara Park

How to organise and book your school trip

To organize a school trip takes just a few minutes, following a call or email for a request for an estimate we organize an educational path suitable for your class, we contact the farm to check availability and within a few hours we conclude the booking for your educational trip.

Circular school trips and other useful documents for teachers

Below you can find a collection of the main documents and ministerial circulars related to school trips and educational trips. For an in-depth article we suggest a visit to www.orizzontescuola.it. The most authoritative source where to take a look at it all is the official source of the ministry(http://www.istruzione.it/).

  1. Legislative Decree 16 April 1994, no. 297 – Testo Unico delle disposizioni legislative vigenti in materia di istruzione, relative alle scuole di ogni ordine e grado (s.o. G.U. n.115 del 19/5/1994) –(http://archivio.pubblica.istruzione.it/comitato_musica_new/normativa/allegati/dlgs160494.pdf)
  2. Regulation containing rules on the autonomy of school institutions, pursuant to art. 21 of Law 15 March 1997, no. 59 –(http://archivio.pubblica.istruzione.it/didattica_museale/dpr275_1999.pdf)
  3. Note and clarifications of MIUR on educational trips of-12.04.2016 n. 3130 – (note-3130-del-12-aprile-2016-viaggi-di-istruzione-e-visite-guidate-chiarimenti)

Costs and payments

The costs for educational trips to Genoni are absolutely cheap and accessible to all schools in Sardinia. The cost of visiting the museum is linked to the municipal ticket office and starts at € 2.50 for a guided tour of about 1 hour. For educational workshops the cost is from € 8,00, for a whole educational path of 3 hours. For a full day’s activity, the maximum cost that a student can spend on the educational offer is € 12.00.

Cost Summary:

  • Full day (includes one workshop): € 12 each
  • Lunch at the Agriturismo (Pasta with sauce/oil/butter, cutlet, fried potatoes/salad, dessert/seasonal fruit, water): € 12 each
  • Lunch at the Museum (includes 2 slices of pizza by the slice/2 hamburger sandwich – French fries – Fruit/Dessert – Water): € 7
  • Packed lunch (includes 2 sandwiches, seasonal fruit, water): € 5 each
  • LOYALTY AWARD: Teachers who book for the second consecutive year are entitled to a discount of one Euro (€ 1) per child per product (Example: discount € 1 for the workshop and € 1 for lunch)

The management company has no problem providing the electronic invoice and all the documents needed by the public bodies to complete the payments.

COVID 19: Specific containment measures have been taken to limit the spread of the Corona Virus and to carry out educational trips safely.

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How to reach Genoni

How to reach Genoni




Excellent structure, organized, wonderfully rich in elements perfectly cataloged and beautifully described, good reception attraction for lovers and schoolchildren, excellent view of the valley below, beautiful experience.


I recommend the visit to school groups: the topics are proposed in a simple but at the same time highly professional way. The operators showed great enthusiasm and the ability to attract the attention of even the youngest children.
Schools of the plexus of Santa Margherita di Pula


Wonderful treatment, helpful guides and able to fully capture the attention of the kids. They ran fun, engaging and informative workshops. I highly recommend the experience to children and adults who love the contact with nature and the discovery of ancient traditions.

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Photo Gallery

Places to see in Genoni

Museum of the Giara Horse

The Giara horses Museum

Ethnographic museum with a section dedicated to the Park and the Giara horse. The museum is illustrated thanks to the works of the artist Pia Valentinis.

Overview with the geosite and the hill of Santu Antine

Duidduru Quarry

A rare geo-palaeontological site with a fossilised seabed dating back to the Miocene that shows us Sardinia as it was more than 20 million years ago.

Giara Horse

Park of the Giara

Part of the Giara falls within the territory of Genoni. A little-known area with spectacular places of interest, such as the viewpoint of Zeppara Manna and the pools of water (paulis).

Former Convent of the Friars Minor Observant

Former Convent of the Friars Minor

The former convent is a monastic structure dating back to 1600, extremely suggestive, where you can retrace the history of the Franciscan friars in Sardinia.