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P.AR.C. Archaeological and Paleontological Museum

P.AR.C. Paleo Archeo Museum

The PARC museum, Paleo Archeo Centro, was founded in 2009, following the discovery and excavation of one of the mostinterestinggeopaleontological sitesin Sardinia, the Duidduru quarry.

At the museum there are 180 fossils of the inlandSardinia, pecten, echinids and a rare crinoid over 250 million years old. A large blow-up allows us to travel back in time and reconstruct Sardinian geology and tectonics, especially the Miocene period, when Sardinia was crossed by the sea. An image of a present-day tropical sea can help us understand the scenery that coloured our land in those ancient times, a clear and shallow seabed inhabited by large urchins, scutellas, clypeasters, sand dollars, large sharks, aurochs, corals and many other forms of life yet to be discovered.

School trip to PARC
School tour to PARC

The PARC museum also has an archaeological section, where you can admire the reconstruction, size 1:1 of the bottom of the well of Santu Antine, the deepest in Sardinia, 39 meters. Reproductions of the bronzes found in the well crown this part of the museum.

The jewel in the museum’s crown is the extensive educational workshop, the final moment of the visit and an important support for the cultural growth of both the new generation and adults. The laboratory allows us to get to know in depth the work of the palaeontologist and the understanding of Sardinian fossils. With the micro-chisel we can simulate the work of the researchers and dream of the discovery of the new species of the century.

The museum is open all year round and offers tours suitable for schools, families and all kinds of visitors. Located within a large green area on the hill of Santu Antine in a panoramic point that offers a breathtaking view of the Giara di Gesturi, Marmilla and Sarcidano.

VIDEO: Preparation and cleaning of a fossil for exhibition at the PARC Museum of Genoni

VIDEO: Preparation and cleaning of a fossil for exhibition at the PARC Museum of Genoni

How to reach the PARC Museum of Genoni

How to reach the PARC Museum of Genoni




The availability, kindness, professionalism and passion of all the staff associated with many points of interest such as the PARC museum with educational workshops for children, the geopaleontological site Duidduru with marine fossils, the museum of the horse, the guided excursion to the Giara, make this experience extremely stimulating, enjoyable and full of emotions!
Highly recommended!


We visited the hill of Santu Antine and the attached museum. It was an incredible and really educational experience, it was a journey through the history of the Earth that was really interesting. We will definitely go back there with the kids as you can make them spend a day as little paleontologists! We can't wait to see their wide eyes as they grapple with fossils and dinosaurs! Compliments to the prepared guides who have pleasantly accompanied us. Quality rewards!


The PARC museum is fascinating for young and old alike! Congratulations for the passion you put into your research work, managing to transport us to the beauty of our island far away in time to appreciate more and more the current one. Thanks to the guide Roberta for her professionalism and preparation!

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Photo Gallery

Places to see in Genoni

Museum of the Giara Horse

The Giara horses Museum

Ethnographic museum with a section dedicated to the Park and the Giara horse. The museum is illustrated thanks to the works of the artist Pia Valentinis.

Overview with the geosite and the hill of Santu Antine

Duidduru Quarry

A rare geo-palaeontological site with a fossilised seabed dating back to the Miocene that shows us Sardinia as it was more than 20 million years ago.

Giara Horse

Park of the Giara

Part of the Giara falls within the territory of Genoni. A little-known area with spectacular places of interest, such as the viewpoint of Zeppara Manna and the pools of water (paulis).

Former Convent of the Friars Minor Observant

Former Convent of the Friars Minor

The former convent is a monastic structure dating back to 1600, extremely suggestive, where you can retrace the history of the Franciscan friars in Sardinia.