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Proposals for families

Proposals for families

A day of relaxation and fun among museums and educational workshops for the whole family

A day of relaxation and fun among museums and educational workshops for the whole family

The proposals for families are perfect routes to spend a day together with your children making them have fun and learn at the same time. At the same time, parents can enjoy guided tours of sites and museums.

Proposals for families at the museum
Proposals for families at the museum

How the family day is organized

A educator follows the children in a pleasant training path based on a dynamic and active didactics where theory is put into practice. The different educational activities are designed for children of different ages and backgrounds. In the didactics we range between different topics: Paleontology, Archaeology or recycling but the lab that is always active, all year round, is the PaleoLab.

The section of the museum dedicated to educational workshop is equipped with scientific equipment such as microscopes, microscopes and computers. Everything is used in safety and with the constantaccompaniment of specialized operators.

Parents, while the children carry out the workshop, visit the
Museum of the Cavallino della Giara
and theformer convent of the Observant Friars. The first part of the day ends with a visit to the
and lunch all together. Lunch can be packed, at one of the picnic spots, such as the garden of the former convent or under the olive trees of PARC. In case you prefer to have lunch comfortably seated in a restaurant room, you can book at theAgriturismo Cuaddus e Tellas.

In the afternoon we conclude the route with a walk to the
Giara Park
in search of wild horses and stretch our legs in the open air.

The route can be adapted to your needs and times, usually the start at 10.00 am is ideal to complete the whole route in peace.

Proposals for families with children at the museum
Proposals for families with children at the museum

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Summary of museums and sites to visit:

Visit the section to discover all the educational workshops:

The special price is € 21 per family + the cost of the educational workshop of € 4 per child

How to reach Genoni

How to reach Genoni




We participated in the family day offered by Parc. The organization was impeccable, the operators very kind as well as prepared, the children excited about the laboratory with a real paleontologist.
The visits in the afternoon to the Giara and to the archaeological site have been exciting, it doesn't happen every day to admire live fossils of 20 million years ago.
Highly recommended for young and old!


We had a wonderful day thanks to Michele and Luigi! After a morning spent looking for fossils, we had a beautiful walk on the Giara (we also saw the little horses!) and a very interesting visit to the museum of the little horse! Kind and professional Michele and Luigi followed us throughout the day!


We had a wonderful weekend in Genoni! We visited the convent, the PARC, the Giara di Genoni and finally the museum of the little horse!
The guide Michele was very helpful and patient!
It created a very interesting day for us and for the girls who explored the world of fossils with curiosity! The walk to the Giara was relaxing and enjoyable!

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Photo Gallery

Places to see in Genoni

Museum of the Giara Horse

The Giara horses Museum

Ethnographic museum with a section dedicated to the Park and the Giara horse. The museum is illustrated thanks to the works of the artist Pia Valentinis.

Overview with the geosite and the hill of Santu Antine

Duidduru Quarry

A rare geo-palaeontological site with a fossilised seabed dating back to the Miocene that shows us Sardinia as it was more than 20 million years ago.

Giara Horse

Park of the Giara

Part of the Giara falls within the territory of Genoni. A little-known area with spectacular places of interest, such as the viewpoint of Zeppara Manna and the pools of water (paulis).

Former Convent of the Friars Minor Observant

Former Convent of the Friars Minor

The former convent is a monastic structure dating back to 1600, extremely suggestive, where you can retrace the history of the Franciscan friars in Sardinia.