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Guided tours

Travel safe to know the center of Sardinia

There are many ways to discover a territory, a monument, a museum or a site of cultural interest, a book or a documentary may be enough and probably the contents have the same irrefutable value, but you can never surpass a passionate tour guide.

Be greeted with a smile and taken on a pleasant journey through the history, geology, archaeology and stories of the place by a good guide.

The guides who accompany you are tourist guides registered in the regional register and qualified for the profession, but you know, it is not the titles that make the professionalism but the passion and preparation.

Guided tours of the Giara Park
Guided tours of the Giara Park

Our proposals:

One-day itinerary
The full-day itineraries are designed for the classic out-of-town trip, they include cultural activities, entrance fees to museums and you can have lunch in a farmhouse or packed lunch. The route can be adapted to your needs and schedules, and a tour guide accompanies you throughout the day.
Accompanied by expert guides you will visit the following museums and sites:
A journey of millions of years in one day
The day-long itinerary begins, around 10:00 am, with a visit to PARC.
The first section is the archaeological one, which tells about the nuragic well of Santu Antine, more than 40 m deep, and the finds inside. The guided tour continues in the palaeontological section where you can learn about the Sardinia of the Miocene, over 20 million years ago, when our land was crossed by a warm sea and inhabited by large sharks, crocodiles and rare sea urchins. The visit to the museum ends in the educational section with a small exhibition of dinosaur fossils from all over the world and other exhibits. For those who enjoy it, you can try out the real paleontologist’s instrumentation.
The tour continues with a visit to the Civic Museum of the Giara Horse, set up in an old house typical of the village. It starts with a guided tour of the ethnographic section, where the videos of the elderly of Genoni and the wonderful illustrations of artist Pia Valentinis accompany the visit. The final part of the guided tour is dedicated to the section of the Horse of the Giara, with details of the origin and life of the famous horse that lives in the wild in the Park of the Giara. The images of the photographer Alessio Orrù describe the environments and the life on the Giara.
We continue with a quick visit to theformer Convent of the Friars Minor Observant that closes the morning. The convent is a particularly suggestive place, don’t forget your camera!
In the afternoon, after a packed lunch or lunch in a farmhouse, the day continues with a walk in the Parco della Giara in search of the famous Giara horses. A unique place and the viewpoint of Zeppara Manna leaves you breathless.
Free for children under 12 years old(THEY CAN DO THE EDUCATIONAL LABORATORY)

Urban trekking

A different kind of trek
A day dedicated to the discovery of Genoni, its churches, local museums and sites of major cultural interest. The tour, on foot, winds its way through the evocative alleys and dark basalt streets of the village, visiting the former Convent of the Friars Minor Observant of the first half of the 1600s and continuing with a visit to the main church, that of Santa Barbara, dating back to 1700.
Crossing the village we reach the square dedicated to theO.M.V. Father Raffaele Melis and continue towards the hill of Santu Antine, halfway up the climb, pause and visit to the P.AR.C. where you can discover the origins, geology and fossils of the area. After visiting the archaeological section of the museum we climb to the top of the hill where we can admire the ruins of the nuraghe of Santu Antine and enjoy a 360° view of central Sardinia.
The vermilion sunset that disappears over the Gulf of Oristano will leave you breathless. The route can include several variations: a visit to the Geo Site “Cava di Duidduru”, a walk on the Giara di Gesturi or a visit to one of the many nuraghi in the area.
For lunch or dinner you can book at the Cuaddus e Tellas farmhouse.
A tour guide accompanies you throughout the day and the entire itinerary.

Paleontological Tour

Walking for millions of years and not feeling it…

Visit to the Duidduru Quarry Geological Site
Visit to the Duidduru Quarry Geological Site

An itinerary that winds among the Miocenic fossils of the Geosite until it touches the recent Plio-Pleistocenic basalts of the Giara Park.
The day can be adapted to your needs and can last from 4 to 7 hours and includes a guided tour of the Geosit, the Giara and the PARC, where you can discover the techniques of preparation and consolidation of fossils.

Tour of the Province of Oristano

Let’s discover the sites of the Product Club Identity and Tradition

The tour touches on some of the best known archaeological and paleontological sites in the Province of Oristano:

Tharros, founded by the Phoenicians at the end of the VIII century B.C., became in the Punic age one of the most important cities of Sardinia.

Not far away, we find the well of Santa Cristina, one of the most important monuments of the historical archaeological heritage of Sardinia.

A few kilometres and we reach the Nuraghe Losa, one of the most representative monuments of the Nuragic civilisation, dating back to the 15th century B.C.

We continue our tour towards the hinterland, and arrive at Fordongianus: a town, known for its thermal baths, nestled between Mount Grighine and the Tirso river, where we visit the Roman baths.

Until you reach the Geosit and PARC of Genoni

VIDEO: Rare animals you can meet during the guided tours in the Giara Park

VIDEO: Rare animals you can meet during the guided tours in the Giara Park

How to reach Genoni

How to reach Genoni




Fantastic place, you go back 20 million years in time. Impeccable organization, great involvement added to an unparalleled competence. To be visited again and again.


Truly exciting and unexpected museum, site and landscape. The guide who accompanied us with extreme willingness has made us appreciate this beautiful area magical for its past and wonderful for unspoiled nature. The fossils, which are very well preserved and of considerable size, are also really beautiful aesthetically: they look like a mosaic floor. The Giara is an amazing landscape. Genoni is a truly unmissable place for those who love nature, paleontology, history and archaeology. Thanks to the guide who made us appreciate it all and a really big wish for the future. It's really worth it.


I visited the PARC of Genoni with a group of friends and I must say that we are all enthusiastic about the visit, also thanks to the beautiful sunny day that allowed us to fully enjoy the walk up the hill of Santu Antine and the GeoPaleosito of Duidduru. The visit to the PARC is very interesting, both for the fossils on display and for the various reconstructions and schemes (very nice the scheme on fossilization) illustrated by the staff (kind and well prepared). Discovering the evolution of Sardinia, from its original site to the present one, has been surprising, also because I would have never imagined that once, in the Miocene, the seabed of Sardinia was a real tropical seabed (but even today we have little to envy to the tropics 🙂 ) At the same time there was another small group with children who were carrying out dedicated activities and seemed to be having a great time (it's a pity that adults can't do them otherwise I would have participated too!!). Very interesting is also the reconstruction of the nuragic well of Santu Antine on the top of the hill and the stratigraphy of the finds. We hope that studies on the well will resume soon and that excavations will be carried out on the archaeological site on the top of the hill (there is a bit of everything, from complex nuraghe to Punic buildings). The GeoPaleosite of Duidduru was a real discovery for me (...)

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Photo Gallery

Places to see in Genoni

Museum of the Giara Horse

The Giara horses Museum

Ethnographic museum with a section dedicated to the Park and the Giara horse. The museum is illustrated thanks to the works of the artist Pia Valentinis.

Overview with the geosite and the hill of Santu Antine

Duidduru Quarry

A rare geo-palaeontological site with a fossilised seabed dating back to the Miocene that shows us Sardinia as it was more than 20 million years ago.

Giara Horse

Park of the Giara

Part of the Giara falls within the territory of Genoni. A little-known area with spectacular places of interest, such as the viewpoint of Zeppara Manna and the pools of water (paulis).

Former Convent of the Friars Minor Observant

Former Convent of the Friars Minor

The former convent is a monastic structure dating back to 1600, extremely suggestive, where you can retrace the history of the Franciscan friars in Sardinia.