Parish of Santa Barbara Virgin and Martyr

Parish of Santa Barbara Virgin and Martyr

The parish of the Municipality of Genoni

The parish of the Municipality of Genoni

The Parish Church of Santa Barbara, dating back to the 12th century, immediately strikes visitors for the beauty and majesty of its facade.

Church of Santa Barbara in Genoni
Church of Santa Barbara in Genoni

The oldest parts of the building are the late Gothic transept and the two chapels with their splendid eighteenth-century wooden retablos: the Retablo of the Santissimo Crocifisso and the Retablo of the Santi Coronari.

In the 16th century, the church was enlarged with a large nave with wooden trusses, and enriched with a beautiful bell tower.

In 1654 there was a radical restructuring work of the central nave, with the replacement of the dilapidated trusses, and with the arrangement of an altar, with a gilded wooden tabernacle.

In 1706, thanks to the work of master Giuanni Efis, the bell tower was restored and the facade of the church rebuilt, using worked stones.

In 1808 the main wooden altar, dating back to 1654, was replaced with a beautiful marble altar; the baptismal font was also rearranged.

Other more important works were carried out starting from 1831: a new presbytery, the choir, the sacristy and a closet.

The construction of a dome was also planned, with the demolition of the cruise, but these works were never completed.

In the same period it is worth remembering the casting of the large bell, made directly in Gesturi, by the Florentine bell ringer Giovanni Fede.

In 1825 the organ was purchased.

In 1907 the central nave was paved using Carrara marble, which however, in 1958, due to the damage caused by water infiltration from the roof, was replaced with another of lesser value.

In more recent times, an ancient stoup was found which, after the restoration, was placed to the right of the entrance.

How to reach the Parish of Santa Barbara Virgin and Martyr

How to reach the Parish of Santa Barbara Virgin and Martyr






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